When we talk about dangerous roads, we mostly associate them with the long and hardly passable highways. However, this is usually not the case but rather the scariest nature that requires much attention and skills to pass through them safely. Some of these roads are very steep; some are poorly designed, making drivers slide across the ice lanes as they drive through.

Despite their risky nature, tourists still drive through these single- cliff roads that you could not imagine passing through, to take advantage of the beautiful sceneries.

Below are some of the world’s most dangerous roads.

1. Death Road, Bolivia


This is the most dangerous road in the world with a 40-mile single stretch full of very cliffs and no barriers to protect the drivers on the highway. You will spend many hours trying to control the vehicle on the cliffs. Despite the life-threatening terrain, the death road remains an important source of enjoyment as tourists cycle through the road to enjoy its scenatic view.

2. Skippers Canyon road

The Skippers Canyon road is among the riskiest roads in New Zealand passing through two steep cliffs. In fact you will require a special permit to drive through this road due to its design.

You are only allowed to drive at a very low speed, and it even gets interesting when you come across a car from the opposite direction. One of you will be forced to make a reverse for about 3 miles to find enough space for both vehicles.

3. James Dalton Highway

This road is located in the US, stretching from Fairbanks to the North of Alaska. It is so difficult driving through this rocky road with strong winds and extreme weather conditions.


Despite the fatal accidents on these roads, tourists still insist on making their way through them to make a view of their risky nature. It is indeed hazardous driving through these roads, and it is thus advisable to always be careful whenever you want to tour such places.