Are you wondering why your presets are not working after the upgrade of the software? Well, Lightroom released a major update to the software. It is available for both the classic and the all cloud version. In addition, the update focuses more on the new sets of profiles. The profiles are robust to use than the previous ones. The update is exciting since it offers noticeable improvement in the overall tone and color response of raw files.

Unfortunately, the updates are not free from bugs. In this guide, we take a look at the simple solutions you can apply to your lightroom preset general settings if it does not work accordingly. You can follow the steps to ensure the software works as expected.

1. The Magic reboot

If you are having a problem with the software installed on your PC, the first rule of thumb is to deploy the old age wisdom of turning off your Pc and turning it on again.


Beforehand, try restarting the program, if this does not help, reboot the computer. By rebooting the computer, it will apply the settings in the right way if it was a glitch being caused by a script not running well.

2. Dig into the Code of the Preset

Unfortunately, to help out with the preset problem, you will need to dig into the preset code of each preset file using a text editor. But do not worry even if you do not have prior knowledge on how to do this. All you need is to change the embedded names of the presets so that they are the same as the desired ones.

To dig into the code, close the program and right click on the preset file that contains the. Irtemplate extension. Open the file in a text editor.

Once you open the code in the text editor, check on the first two lines that contain the name internalName and title. The second name “title” is always the correct one. Nonetheless, to be sure, double check to ensure the title field that appears in quotation marks is the same as the actual file name.

3. Optimize the Catalog

Having your catalog perform optimally is one of the ways to ensure that the tool gives you a good service. A catalog always ensures that the images and your work are neatly arranged and everything is working accordingly. If not, then you need to troubleshoot the catalog by doing the following.


Go to the file menu, then select Optimize Catalog. Once selected, wait for it to run and a pop message will show up indicating that the optimization process is successful.

4. Check for Updates

The next step if things are still not working out for you is to check for new updates. The issue you are running on might be a bug that has already been fixed by the later releases.

Always ensure you are running the latest updates of the software, both for Lightroom and your operating system. Besides, you also need to update the drivers of your machine, more, in particular, the graphics cards.