Being the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen has a lot to do. If you are planning to this beautiful city, you will be many things to see and do. There is a lot to choose from different things. If it’s your first time to travel to Copenhagen, here are recommendations on what is there to do in Copenhagen right now.

Take a train and go to Elsinore, survey the Dutch province of Kronborg.

Take a train and go to Elsinore, survey the Dutch province of Kronborg and the real Hamlet’s castle. You will get pleasure from surveying gingerbread houses with geranium growing on their window-sills, strange postindustrial castle approach, and even Dutch graffiti.


Descend to the castle’s cold cells illuminated by oil lamps only, listen to your own steps echoing, get easily lost (because there are no signs here) and found. Flip a coin into the international heap of money deep inside the courtyard well, join an excursion, and listen to what a guide can say about Shakespeare.

Visit Gold Tower

Hang 63 meters above the ground, enjoy the landscape, and then go down at an enormous speed. This is what the “Gold Tower,” one of the attractions at the Tivoli amusement park is.

Sit on a bench in front of the domed Marble Church and read a book or simply enjoy the atmosphere. On workdays, the place is empty. It looks simple and stately. When one mentions true calmness, I think of the loneliness of the Marble Church.


Fellow travelers will tell you that some ten years ago one could hardly imagine a trip to Malmo in a car. People used ferryboats to get here. The bridge is large and two-storied: there are cars and buses driving along with a higher level and trains along the lower one. If you need additional information Read More Here

Wrap yourself into plaid and enjoy coffee in one of the Nuhavn cafes.

Nuhavn is a harbor, with paved roadway, channel, and mansions. Observe masts, “rain” from the ship ropes, tiled roofs and red Dutch matchboxes swimming by. Then go for a walk to Kongens Nytorv, the city’s largest square with the old opera house, copper monuments and a huge shopping mall called Magasin.