According to data statistics, more than eight million people worldwide are malnourished and cannot afford enough food. With this situation gradually increasing, its essential that we find the solution to this issue of hunger.

We all have the responsibility of making sure that every individual can access the basic necessities, and food security is one of them. Here is a look at what we can do to help zero hunger.

Conducting Food Donations


Taking part in food donations is one of the excellent ways to help people experiencing a difficult moment in providing sufficient food for themselves. This will help zero hunger tremendously.

Reducing Our Food Waste

The majority of people find themselves wasting food when the surplus amounts go bad. In situations when you have fresh produce or leftovers that can go bad before you consume them, its recommendable that you freeze them in food containers to preserve them for another meal. This will decrease food and money wastage.

Supporting Small Farmers

Both the government and non- governmental organizations agree that training and supporting small scale farmers will go a long way in promoting food security.

Supporting them improves their chances to boost food production and empower families to have control over their food sources.

Empowering Women

Woman holding baby

In the underdeveloped countries, ending discrimination against women and empowering women can significantly increase food production according to a fantastic read report by the United Nations.

Giving women the same empowerment and tools as men will see them venture into the agricultural industry, which will make a big difference. This will reduce the number of hungry populations in the world.


Everyone has a part to play in helping zero hunger, including farmers, government, civil society, traders, private and public sectors, as well as individuals. Eating better, wasting less, and implementing a sustainable lifestyle are essential aspects in creating aa world free of hunger.