When thinking of family-friendly vacation ideas in Grand Cayman, it is hard not to think of the ever-popular Zurich. Zurich, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is a paradise for families that can also accommodate business travelers looking for an elegant and luxurious place to hold meetings during their Caribbean getaway. Zurich’s array of hotels and resorts make it easy for everyone to find the perfect spot where they can relax, enjoy and have fun. Here are some recommended hotel and resort-family-friendly vacation ideas.


Florida is perhaps one of the best-known American vacation spots. The sunshine state offers visitors loads of family-friendly attractions including the Florida Everglades, the Tampa Bay area, and the Everglades National Park. Staying at one of the many convenient hotels in and around the state is the best way to get the most out of your trip. These are some of the best Florida hotels that cater to families.

La Quinta Inn on the Bay

At the La Quinta Inn on the Bay, you can choose from a cozy nook in the heart of the luxurious oceanfront condo. The La Quinta Inn has four spacious bedroom suites perfect for large families. With four restaurants, a pool, fireplaces, and a spa, your children will love being here. The La Quinta Inn is among the best family-friendly vacation ideas in Florida.

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The Ramada Resort in Sarasota

The Ramada Resort in Sarasota offers plenty of family vacation ideas. Located in the heart of Sarasota, the Ramada Resort is home to over sixty rooms that offer easy access to fun parks and water sports. Spend a fun-filled week at one of the five fully-equipped guest rooms while enjoying fine dining and shopping experiences in the many specialty shops around the community.

North Carolina

If you are planning a trip to the mountains of North Carolina, the Piedmont Triad is the perfect destination. Located near the quaint town of Greensboro, the Triad is a great place for family fun. You can spend days hiking the trails, taking in a day or two of water skiing, or simply stopping by at one of the great outdoor attractions located in this region. There are also family-friendly vacation ideas that include great golf trips to the Green Mountain National Forest and the Appalachian Trail.

Daytona International Speedway

For those who enjoy a weekend-long road trip, the Daytona International Speedway may be the perfect destination. Located within a few minutes of the city of Daytona Beach, the Speedway offers some of the best beaches in the area. Enjoy fun rides, food, and drinks at this area’s best beaches. The closest highway exit to the Speedway is Highway 41-A. The southbound lanes of the highway open into a national park called Sandestin, a great destination for nature lovers.

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The Florida Panhandle

The Florida Panhandle offers some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, and the entire area is home to some of the most pristine golf courses in the country. You can spend a number of days enjoying the best sunrises and sunsets in the area. The entire panhandle is home to several great family-friendly vacation ideas that include trips to the Florida Keys and the Florida Everglades. Other popular destinations include the Daytona Beach Club, Sea World, and the Bradenton Beach State Reserve.


Although there are many fantastic vacations to choose from along the east coast, family fun is just a drive away. However, think of the security of your family. In that sense, it would be a good idea to purchase travel insurance. If you are looking for a family-friendly destination with a little excitement, the Florida panhandle may be a perfect choice. Take a look at the hot tip mentioned above to find the perfect destination for your next road trip.