When it comes to long road trips, you know that packing for a family road trip is an absolute must. The following road trip packing list is designed for families who want to travel but don’t want to be weighed down by the typical luggage items that everyone else seems to pack. We all know the standard formula for packing for a road trip: the lighter the luggage the better off you are. But when it comes to long road trips where weight and space are an issue, more items than ever before are needed for optimum travel comfort. Let’s face it, no one likes standing in line at the airport or being uncomfortable while trying to maneuver heavy luggage around.

That’s why the best ways to stay comfortable on a long road trip are to plan. It’s not enough to have your sleeping bag, tent, and eating supplies; you also need to make sure that you have everything you need in your RV. And the most important items on your road trip packing list should be the items that are most essential to you and your RV. Here’s what’s at the top of the list: Your TV and stereo system. These two essentials are often overlooked when planning a road trip but they are two of the most expensive miscellaneous expenses that you’ll accumulate.

Don’t forget your camera!

Another one of the more expensive miscellaneous items on your road trip packing list is your camera. You never know when you can come across an amazing and very instagrammable place. While it may be tempting to bring along a simple camcorder and video camera along, realistically you’ll only take one picture per road trip and the temptation to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy camcorder becomes overwhelming. If you absolutely must bring along a digital camera, try to buy a compact model for under $100 and use the zoom feature to keep from wasting money on an expensive model that you won’t use.

The essentials.

Everyone’s living space is going to be cramped for the duration of the trip, so start by figuring out how many people are sleeping in your RV. Then determine the absolute essentials you need to bring along. These include a mattress, blanket, pillow, dishes, cups and plates, toiletries, hairdryer, flashlights, and toilet paper.

The essentials aren’t just your bedding, however. In addition to these items, use the following road trip packing checklist to help you choose essential toiletries and personal items. These items can become invaluable on road trips, so pay close attention to which items are often forgotten. When you’re done here, review the following 12 best planning tools to make sure you don’t forget anything essential during your road trip planning.

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Emergency contact information

A road trip packing list essential is for your emergency contact information and travel inssurance. Cell phones (and pagers if you have them) are very handy, but not always available. Be sure that you have at least one extra cell phone inside the RV, and have any information that you will need for an emergency call readily available. A good way to do this is by having your regular number (or an alternate number) that you check in the RV with posted on the outside of the door. Another essential of a road trip packing list essential is a portable stove or cooker. Having these items can mean the difference between using the galley kitchen in the morning and having to eat inside because you didn’t bring your grill.

A first aid kit

Another essential on your road trip packing list is a first aid kit. While we are not talking about emergency medical professionals, a kit containing bandages, pain relievers, aspirin tablets, pain medication, and disinfectant cream can be useful for an unexpected road trip medical emergency. Also, write a copy of your prescription for vitamins and pain relievers in case of an emergency or trip complications. This is one of the best ways to make sure that no one suffers from an allergic reaction while traveling.


While it may take a bit of extra work to bring along all the essentials mentioned in this article, it will be worth it to avoid some of the major dangers that are commonly associated with road trips. If you are on a budget, don’t worry, this is not an impossible task. With a little planning and forethought, anyone can make sure that they pack a few essentials as possible. And remember, don’t forget to bring along a camera!