Travelling is always fun but it can be scary for those who don’t have a companion to travel with. The thought of going to a new place alone brings about many questions especially those that involve security.

However, being alone should not hinder anyone from traveling the world. You just need to know the best countries for solo travel such as the one below.


Spain has some of the friendliest locals who will make you feel at home even when you’re alone. It also has amazing sceneries and water bodies full of beaches that one can enjoy. The fun activities here are endless whether you’re an introvert or extrovert.



Known for the warm weather and their attraction sites, Norway is one of the best places you can visit alone. You can get to indulge in many outdoor activities ranging from hiking to just sunbathing and you can even get to enjoy seeing the magnificent northern lights.


Amazing food and wine are some of the things that people think of when it comes to Italy. However, the region also has other factors such as safety and culture for visitors to explore. When here you will not feel alone but you will feel very secure.


The best way to enjoy this country to the maximum is by taking a train ride. It will take you through mountains and valleys as well as forests and waterfalls showing you the rich landscape Switzerland have.


You can find other helpful tips on how to fully enjoy your trip in online resources such as those offered by to maximize the experience.


Although Brazil is mostly known for gorgeous women, it also has breathtaking sceneries, great architectural designs, and awesome beaches. If you want to experience the nightlife you can also do so at the many outlets available.


All these countries are the best for solo travel because they have high-security levels, especially for their tourists. The locals are friendly and accommodating so you will not feel lonely. You can easily find something to keep busy with while in any of them.