Traveling on your own can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time whatever gender you are, but there are some additional risks if you are a woman solo traveler. In order to stay safe, it is a good idea to choose some safe destinations. In this article, we list for you three of the safest destinations for you to choose for your next adventure.

New Zealand

In recent times New Zealand has been gaining a reputation of being one of the most sought-after destinations among female travelers. The North Island of New Zealand is probably one of the safest places to visit for women traveling alone. It has a low crime rate, a large variety of scenery, and great accommodation facilities, all of which means that it is a very safe place to be while traveling solo. Accommodations in New Zealand tend to be more costly than international hotel rates, however, if you do your research you should easily be able to find suitable accommodation within your price range. If you would prefer to have more independence while traveling in New Zealand then you should check out the South Island of New Zealand, a smaller island with less commercial development and more rural areas. However, despite its smaller size South Island is still a very safe destination for solo travelers.

There are also two other great destinations that I would recommend for solo travelers that tend to visit New Zealand often. One of these is the Marlborough Sounds region of New Zealand, this region is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the country. Once you have visited the Marlborough Sounds region there is no doubt that you will find yourself getting enchanted by what you see and want to return again.

The other option is to visit the Central Otago of New Zealand, which is also home to some incredible scenery including waterfalls, mountain peaks, and valleys. While you’re visiting the Central Valley you may also want to visit Timaru in the South Island, this region has a great combination of unique and modern tourist sites. Another popular location to visit while traveling alone is Lake Taupo, this lake situated in the southern hemisphere has plenty of scenic sights to offer. The closing time for visiting these and other destinations in New Zealand is usually at the beginning of May, so plan your trip accordingly.

a place in New Zealand


Traveling as a single lady can present certain challenges and one of the more worrying aspects of solo travel is that you are essentially responsible for your own safety and protection. However, there are a number of incredible and safe places for single women to visit in Namibia, which offer the ultimate comfort and safety. If you’re planning a trip alone, a Sikkim can be a great choice as it provides the ideal backdrop to a quiet, romantic, and safe destination.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Sikkim as your perfect safari gets around the vehicle, including price and where you would like to go. For those planning a journey through the Khomas Mountains, a four-seater vehicle such as the Yamaha SRX is an excellent option, offering good value for money alongside a stylish exterior, comfortable interior, and well connected throughout the route. However, if you would prefer to get around on foot, the Namibian mud bogs provide a wonderful, inexpensive way to explore the region. In addition to being an absolutely unique and fascinating way to get around, the Namibian desert also offers excellent opportunities for photo shooting thanks in part to the fact that there are a wealth of wildlife reserves in the area, which are easily accessible for photographers looking for a natural and peaceful setting. Namibia also has a whole host of different tour options, including luxury safaris, adventure tours, beach holidays, cultural tours, and more, meaning that there’s something to suit everyone’s budget. a plain in namibia

Canada and USA

If you’re a woman and traveling alone, one of the best solo travel tips I can give you is to focus on only two destinations. Canada is full of beautiful landscapes that are breathtaking, mysterious, and inspiring. There’s also a plethora of national parks and protected areas for you to explore. There’s no better way to get away from it all than by taking in the natural beauty of your own backyard. Whether you’re into hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, backpacking, or simply taking long walks around a National Park, Canada has something for every person.

Another solo traveler’s best place to travel is in the United States. The American landscape is absolutely gorgeous and there’s no better way to get a clear perspective on the country than to stand on its soil. Whether you prefer urban environments or sprawling suburbs, the American landscape will absolutely inspire you. One of the best places for female travelers to visit is San Francisco, California because of the laid-back, tolerant attitude the city has toward female travelers.

As a solo traveler, there really aren’t any places I can recommend as the safest for female travelers. However, if you do travel alone, especially for longer periods of time, you should always bring some sort of emergency kit with you. Women are just as susceptible to injury and attack as men are, but often less likely to show symptoms of being attacked. This is why it’s very important that you always carry an emergency bracelet or other item with you whenever you travel. As long as you make sure your items are secure and within easy reach, you should be just fine as a solo traveler.

To sum up…

If you are a woman solo traveler, you may take into consideration one of these travel destinations. However, no country is completely safe, so take care of your documents and stay safe wherever you are.