The bedroom is a crucial part of your house and in fact, it can be more than a sleeping spot. A bunch of creative ideas, thoughtfully decided budget and with a style in mind, you can transform your bedroom into an elegant sleeping paradise that can become your sickbay anytime you’re disposed, a retreat from the outside world after a stressful day and a hallowed meditation and reading den.

From ordering new furniture to replacing the carpet, you can easily and quickly turn your outdated bedroom into something fabulous. But how much will it cost to remodel your bedroom?

Factors that influence the cost of remodeling a bedroom

· Quality of the materials

· Scope of the project

· The size of the room and the current condition

· Energy-efficient items to be included such as lighting and insulation

· Whether there will be an addition of architectural/structural features such as windows and closet

The typical cost of bedroom remodeling


First things first, the bedroom is among the least expensive areas in a house to remodel. Besides, it has a return on investment, especially when improving heating fixtures and windows. For you to understand how much it will cost to remodel your bedroom, we will use an example of 10’x12′ bedroom which will be remodelled with brand new insulated windows, upgraded heating fixtures, eco-friendly wall to wall carpeting, new drywall, new trim and moldings, refinished ceiling and paint.

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The cost of this project will be around $7,880. If you’d wish to sell your house after this remodeling, this update will likely hold a 30% return on investment. According to these figures, your bedroom update is placed at $66 per square foot and the structure of the pricing presumes that electricians charge an average of $65 to $85 hourly, carpenters $70 per hour, and painters $20 to $35 hourly.

Cost breakdown

· For new windows – The cost of a new window ranges between $300-$700 plus installation time which is roughly 2-5 hours per window


· Carpeting can cost an average of $15-$25 per square yard

· Insulate ceilings and walls – Ceiling/attic insulation with R-30 value will cost $2.25/square foot and fiberglass wall insulation of R19 will be $1.80/square foot

· Finish ceilings and walls – A drywall with thirteen panels of 4’x8′ for walls as well as the ceiling will cost $9.80 each

· New moldings with an average cost of $3 per foot

· New baseboard heating fixtures will go for $123 to $500

· Painting which will depend on your agreement with the painter

· Electrical wiring and lighting depending on your terms with the electrician