How much does a golf course cost? It can cost you around $200 to play golf. There are several factors involved in the pricing. For example, you may have to pay depending on the type of golf course. There are some courses which are offered for free but in private courses, you will have to pay the green fee, among other expenses. The golf courses differ based on their management.

It is necessary to research on the different golf courses available before you enter a given course. There are others you will be required to pay the subscription fee. Here are some of the factors which will determine the golf course fee:

Green fee

Golf Player

The green feel is the cost you will have to incur before you can start playing golf. It is like an entry fee into the golf course. In most cases, you will find scottsdale az golf resorts offering services such as subscription fees.

You can as well compare different golf courses out there so that you can land on the best. It is easy to save on the cost if you can compare the green fee in different golf courses before you sign up for a given course.

Golf cart fee

You may decide to hire a cart. Remember, the carts are offered at a price. You can as well do away with the cost if you can buy your cart. There are cases where you would have to travel long distances. To save on the cart fee, you can decide to walk in the golf course.


To know the amount you would be required to spend before you can play an in a given golf course, you need to sum all the expenses you would be required to incur before you can proceed to sign up in a given golf course.