Most people still wonder if there’s something like an ammunition shelf life. The truth is that it’s there and somewhat relative. Provided that you keep it under good conditions, it’ll stay for decades. However, there are some certain things that affect the shelf life of ammunition which include moisture, heat, and sunlight.

How long can ammo last?

Most ammunition manufacturers and experts give a time frame of 10 years. In most states, properly stored ammunition takes at least 10 years.


Others say that it lasts much longer, although to get the highest level of consistency, performance, and reliability, you should stick to the 10 years rule. The old ammunition can be fired at a range meaning that you can load them for self-defense and even hunting.

Ways to make your ammo functional

If you want your ammo to stay for an extended period and still deliver consistent performance, it’s essential to reduce the exposure of the cartridge to both heat and moisture.

You can Get More Information here. Below are some top ways of ensuring your ammo stays functional:

1. Avoid excessive heat

Excessive heat can lead to ammo deterioration. Therefore, ensure you store your ammo in a cool location. During the summer seasons, don’t store your ammo in your car trunk since heat can penetrate and cause premature failure.

2. Ensure you dry in happy ammo


One of the greatest challenges when it comes to ammunition storage is moisture. Therefore, if you want your ammo to have a long shelf life, you should keep it in water tight boxes. Also, you can use ammo cans and even sealable food containers. It’s obvious that you’ll want a safe place where your ammo won’t get rain or humidity, which can lead to powder failure.

3. Tag and rotate

This not only keeps your ammo away from deterioration but also ensures your ammo is organized. Ensure you mark all new boxes, to easily identify how old the ammo.In conclusion, these are some top ways of making your ammo functional.