Hot pots are among the most beautiful ways of preparing a family fun meal. It consists of a large bowl placed at the dining table. From here, you can cook what meat and vegetables without going to the kitchen. It is a typical meal in most of the restaurants in China, and Japan, and other Asian Countries.

In the US, Chinese restaurants and Japanese restaurants are among the best places to have hot pot. If you’re making your own, you need to make one that is healthy and suitable for you. If you have been wondering how to go about it, follow the following steps.

Choose the Light-Flavored Soup

Hot Pot

You should consider using the light-flavored ingredients such as mushrooms and the cabbage tofu. The choice ensures that you do not take high levels of sodium.

Use Lean Meat and Fewer Carbs

You need to avoid fat meat and go with lean pork, fish, and chickens. Avoid organs such as intestines, kidneys, and the liver. Also, avoid using a lot of rice and noodles to avoid piling calories in your body.

Use fiber Vegetables

Fibers are an essential part of your hot pot diet. Consider using a lot of cabbage, spinach, carrots, peppers, and green peas in your pot. That ensures that you don’t overeat.

Choose the sauce Wisely

Among the most recommended sauce types include fresh chilies mixed with soya sauce. You can also consider using vinegar sauce. Ensure that you have no oil-based sauces. In addition to avoiding oily sauce, there is a need to ensure that you don’t take much of the processed foods.


These meals are high with saturated fats, sodium, and other chemicals that make them unsafe for consumption. They also help to control nitrate levels. These are a few of the steps you should consider. If you live in New York City, use the link below, and choose the best hotpot in nyc.Make your hot pot healthy using the above-discussed tips. It will be one of the best ways to ensure that you enjoy your meal.