There are many things to pack in hand luggage for any trip. You may not know what to bring, but you know you have to have certain things. The question is what do you need? Here are some items that I would recommend you take with you on any trip.

Emergency blanket

First off, I would carry an emergency blanket. Even if you are a pro climber, or have other outdoor adventures, you can never be sure when bad weather is going to hit. This will give you the protection you need to stay warm and dry. If there is no blanket available, buy one and take it with you.

Energy bars

Next, make sure you carry energy bars. These can be purchased at your local grocery store, or online. These items can keep you energized during long hours of walking around. If there is no one to cook for you, then these will keep you eating. They are also great for stopping at snack stands and other quickie places.

woman on airport with hand luggage


Make sure you carry toiletries and beauty products. The toiletries include toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, and shaving cream. Some people carry nail clippers, to cut their nails. This can be very helpful if you have to borrow a razor to shave. You should also take a small tube of toothpaste with you as well.

Money, documents, and keys

Other things to pack in hand luggage for trips include your money, documents, and keys. These are the most common things that people take with them but there are always exceptions. So always carry things that you need.


There are always new things that come out for laptops. If you want to take yours with you, make sure you look for one that is battery-operated. Even though some people like to carry their corded laptop with them, there are times when you need to have an electronic device with you. Look for a cordless laptop to avoid any of those potential problems. If you want to know which things to carry in hand luggage for long trips, you should look up reviews.

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Think of safety first

When it comes to what you should pack in hand luggage for long trips, you must think about safety first. Most airlines will not allow you to carry large electronics such as a laptop with you. It’s best to leave things like this at home. It’s also a good idea to carry an extra wallet or money. This is one of the most important dos you need to know when traveling. If you need the laptop, just bring your passport and you should be fine. The main thing is to be as safe as possible and be prepared in case something happens.

Keep everything organized

One other thing to remember is to keep the things in your suitcase organized. It’s just not fun taking a bunch of things along when you travel. Find out what the airlines require for carry-on bags. If you are unsure about that, check it out before you check in your flight. Most people do not realize that they can get a bigger bag than they can take in their luggage. This way, you can fit more things into your carry-on bag and you won’t have to pay extra fees for having too many things in your luggage.


These are just a few things to pack in hand luggage when you travel. You should look into more tips for better packing. There are always new things to buy, but if you are traveling by plane, most airlines will let you check your bags for free. You can also get discounts for bringing things with you on your trip.