When you want to find a great location for your next destination wedding, you want to consider a few places for LGBT couples to have a destination wedding. These are some of the best locations for an outdoor wedding and some of the best venues for same-sex weddings. If you are having a wedding in these areas, you will definitely want to check into them.


Seattle is one of the most popular places to have a wedding because it is very unique. The city is very accepting of all types of lifestyles and you will not find any gay clubs in this city. This is one of the best venues for couples who are getting married. The weather in Seattle is also wonderful during most of the year, making it perfect for a wedding. There are plenty of beautiful places to have a wedding, but this is one of the best.

San Francisco

San Francisco, CA is another gorgeous location to have a wedding. The city has a beautiful natural setting and the beaches there are amazing. You will easily be able to find a location that suits your tastes. Lesbian couples will certainly love the breathtaking scenery there. San Francisco is another beautiful location for a wedding. Lesbian couples who are getting married there will surely be able to find a city that is right for their special day. It has one of the most historic cities in the world with lots of churches and chapels. The people in San Francisco love celebrating weddings, so it will be no problem for you to plan your wedding ceremony and reception here. There are even places for lesbian couples to rent a wedding venue. This would be another way to make sure that your special day goes off smoothly.

san francisco

Palm Springs

Palm Springs, CA is another beautiful location to have a wedding. The mountains are beautiful and there are a wide variety of local cuisines to choose from. The hotels are very beautiful and they offer relaxing hot tubs. You will find that many LGBT couples have great experiences there. It might be best to book a ceremony and reception site beforehand if you are interested in having your wedding here. The beautiful Palm Springs atmosphere will make the evening very special for the happy couple.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another great place to have a beautiful LGBT destination wedding. The best times to have weddings in New Orleans are from March through May. The weather is wonderful there and temperatures rarely rise above eighty degrees. You will find that the atmosphere in New Orleans is best for gay and lesbian couples.


Chicago is another great place to have a wedding. Gay couples who want to get married in the Midwest should definitely consider Chicago. Many gay couples get married in Chicago and raise their family there. There are also some gay-friendly restaurants in Chicago that can make your special event even more memorable. These are places for lesbian couples to visit for their wedding.

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There are beaches in Miami too where you can have fabulous gay wedding receptions. Some of the beaches are a bit rocky, but most of them are quite smooth. Gay couples will certainly appreciate the warm, tropical weather that they will be able to experience on their wedding day. The beautiful nightlife there will be another reason why these weddings are popular. Additionally, there is a wide range of choices of luxurious hotels where you and your guests can stay and enjoy.

A lot of gay travel destinations have been created lately as well. Places like Florida and Nevada are becoming increasingly popular for gay and lesbian couples who are getting married. Las Vegas is becoming more popular for these weddings as well because of the high-quality hotels that are available there. You will find everything you need for a great wedding, including great catering services.


Some other popular places for lesbian couples to plan their wedding would be Washington D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland. These cities have some of the most beautiful places for weddings imaginable. If you want an LGBT destination wedding, these two cities should be at the top of your list. They offer everything you could possibly want, including elegant venues for your ceremony, luxurious resorts for your honeymoon, and historic sites that can take you back in time. Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life.