Nowadays, when you ask graphic designers on their favorite social platform, definitely the answer you will get is Instagram. Since Instagram stated operating in the market, it has successfully cemented itself in the heart and mind of those who love photos.

The love for Instagram was further made juicy when Instagram itself introduced Instagram stories, a graphic element that was borrowed from SnapChat.

Stories in Instagram acts as a tool in marketing Instagram design skills. It is, therefore, important to understand the right features and tools to keep in mind when formulating Instagram stories. Here is a guide you can follow to achieve your target.


A good Instagram design is achieved when you have quality images. Since photos for Instagram stories are captured using smartphones, lighting is essential for you to win an excellent picture.

Instagram story

Even though humans have no control over the nature of light, it’s vital to keep in mind that natural lighting is crucial. On the other hand, backlighting when shooting is not good. When photographing, be sure to put your items facing the light and not the light coming from the back.


Layer Text: Features of Instagram Stories and that of the mobile version for Adobe PhotoShop or the Illustrator are the same. Text laying involves playing with the size of your wording by increasing or reducing their font.

Also, you will need to think about how to use capital letters and small letters in a way that the text looks appealing.

Creative Text: Instagram stories must be eye-catching to the latter. You do not have any business in developing boring text and messages in Instagram Stories.


When designing Instagram stories, you will encounter the need to color your brands. In this page, you will not just need to create brands with colors they are known mostly for but be more than ordinally. At least be a little bit more creative by changing colors here and there to make your brand look more appealing.


The best color to use is the Skimm which work well in Skimm Blue color for stories. Of course, blue isn’t the only color you can use. We have Target Red and Buttercup Yellow.


The background of your Instagram stories must stand unique and eye-catching. You must make your words stand by providing them with different knowledge and using the same tool to adjust the colors.


Instagram work with tagging feature commonly referred to us hashtag that makes stories more reachable and fun. You will need to be creative when inserting hashtag in your Instagram Stories. An example of a hashtag is #MondaySpecial. #TheChampionsLeague and many more.

In conclusion, what ideally makes Instagram Stories more fun is the fact that no two are alike. The best way you can enjoy Instagram stories is to get started in designing them today.