With the days getting colder and the evenings getting ever darker there has never been a better time to discover some of the best places to visit this autumn holiday season.


If you are seeking a little bit of warmth away from home this autumn then why don’t head over to Cyprus. This beautiful country offers a lot of suns and is a really great way to see some of the history and culture that makes Cyprus so popular with tourists. As well as all of the cultural attractions there are also some great places to visit this autumn in Cyprus. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The north coast is especially stunning and you can find some truly idyllic little villages along the coast. The water is calm and blue and when the sun goes down you can be sure that the waters will turn to sparkling clean blue.

village in cyprus

Nicosia, Cyprus

Another popular Autumn holiday destination is Nicosia in Cyprus. It is such a beautiful place with lush gardens and amazing mountains. It is a perfect place to spend a few days taking in the beautiful scenery and just relaxing. You could even spend a week or two in this beautiful place just relaxing and enjoying the beauty. During the summer months, Cyprus hosts a wonderful festival to entertain visitors and it is the best time to come and visit.

lake in munich germany

Munich, Germany

Munich is another great place to visit in autumn. Munich is also a popular summer holiday destination but it is a bit cooler in the winter months. It is situated on the Gulf of Oman so it is very easy to reach and if you are coming from the UK or other European countries it is a quick boat trip. One of the most popular festivals in the area is the Munich Festival which takes place in late October. There are also lots of shows at the various theatres throughout the year.

lake district

The Lake District, UK

The Lake District is a great place to go exploring as there is much to see and explore. The tourists tend to flock to the Lake District between May and September and then the crowds start thinning out as the weather gets colder. There is still quite a lot to do in the Autumn and Winter months and some of the best wildlife can be seen close to the Lakes. It is still quite dark in some parts of the lakes so it is best to take a torch with you as some of the hiking routes are still quite rough and you could get lost. Even with all the tourists, this places is a great vacation spot for peace and quiet.


Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is another great place to visit in autumn and this is a very popular tourist destination in Sweden. Stockholm is a capital city and it is situated in the northern part of Sweden. The most popular activities during the summer months are more likely to be enjoying the various beach resorts in the area but in late September the crowds start thinning out as the weather starts to become cold. Stockholm is a beautiful city with many tourist attractions. Some of the places to visit this autumn in Stockholm include the Drottningholm Palace, Skokkloster, Golkham Palace, Djurgardsbron, Royal Palace, Royal Gorge, Fredricsfjord, Karolinska Museum, Uppsala Castle, Fredrick Cathedral, and many other interesting buildings.

Boras, Sweden

Huddie, near the village of Boras, is a fantastic place to visit in autumn where one can enjoy some nature walks and go horseback riding through the countryside. Huddie’s is a popular tourist destination and offers some of the best natural beauty around. Other popular destinations in Huddie are Sandefy, Sandstone, and Fjadermark. All these destinations offer some of the best nature experiences and photography opportunities.

athens greece

Athens, Greece

One of the best cities to experience the autumn in is Athens, as it offers a list of must-see historical places. Here in Athens, you can spend quality time in the historical sites, museums, and galleries. One of the best places to visit in Athens is Syntagma square where there are many cafes and restaurants serving delicious Mediterranean food. If you are an art lover at heart then visiting the museums here would be a great idea because here you can find some of the best artwork in Greece.