Executive touring for vegans has over the years become easily achievable. With veganism being wholeheartedly embraced all around the globe, vegan eateries are mushrooming across borders to accommodate this demand. Take notes then, on the 5 vegan travel destinations that you need to visit in 2019.

1. Israel

Israel takes home the crown of being extremely vegan-friendly. This country over the years has been ranked top in adopting veganism in the world. Telaviv, a very popular city in Israel provides a blend of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean vegan cuisines.

This city also referred to as the vegan capital, gloats of over 400 restaurants that will service your hunger and curiosity on these cuisines. Dominos also avails vegan cheese across all their joints in Israel thereby satisfying one’s desire for fast food.

2. Malaysia

Not mentioning Malaysia on this article would be unacceptable. With Indian and Chinese foods incorporated in the menus, there are numerous vegan eateries making this country an attractive landing place.

This paradise is well known for its tofu which is of superior quality and the taste breathtaking too. Vegan food in Malaysia has bold flavors and is available in many varieties.

In Kuala Lumpur to be specific, there are plenty of vegan vegetables and fruits. The durian which is the Malaysian national fruit has to be devoured before exiting this destination.

3 Indonesia

Located in South East Asia, Indonesia presents an exciting opportunity to feast on natural plant products. In Bali, the native tropical fruits like coconuts, pineapples, papayas, and mangoes are in abundance for fruit lovers to partake.

The delicacies served in most restaurants in Bali are healthy, fresh and delicious. Indonesian foods like tempe, red rice, sweet potatoes, and tofu are actually prepared with vegans in mind. They are readily available at an affordable rate and as a traveler, you surely receive a finger-licking treat without putting too much pressure on your pocket.

4 Hungary

Vegan foodstuffs can be acquired in most veg shops on the streets of various cities in Hungary. It is an effortless endeavor especially in Budapest where these shops stock a wide range of assortments such as chickpeas, almond milk, lentils, and Tofu.

So if you are the type that prefers to prepare dishes for yourself you will most definitely have a blast. For those that would rather enjoy well-prepared meals, Hungarians will not disappoint with local cuisines like the falafel made from chickpeas.


5 Germany

Berlin has been called the vegan capital of Europe by the experts over the years. It does not come as a surprise therefore that it is a must go destination for anyone on the veganism wagon.

Germany being the Globes leader in developing and launching vegan foods, it boasts of a huge number of vegan products and cuisines. As a vegan traveller you will have the time of your life in this beautiful country as you enjoy the sceneries, great people and the excellent dishes as a bonus.